The real strength of an athlete or a coach comes from the inside out

The mantra stemmed from relationship-building exercises the Falcons participated in last offseason with Navy SEALs. Prior to Super Bowl 51, Falcons defensive tackle Jonathan Babineaux described the brotherhood as “the love that we have for one another (that) makes us want to play even harder. We don’t want to let each other down.”

In the aftermath of their Super Bowl loss, the Falcons released a video proclaiming the Super Bowl loss “will not define us.” Moawad also has strong faith in Quinn, whom he first met 10 years earlier as a Dolphins assistant when serving as a consultant for then-head coach Nick Saban.

But nobody can truly know whether Atlanta can avoid a massive Super Bowl hangover until the 2017 season is under way.

“The real strength of an athlete or a coach comes from the inside out,” Moawad said. “Our own beliefs are 10 times more powerful than the beliefs of those outside us. The outside beliefs gain their most power when our inside beliefs aren’t strong.

“All the concepts you heard (the Falcons) talking about — how the brotherhood defines everything we do, we live it and breathe it — you better be living and breathing it right now because it’s going to take that brotherhood to move you past that.”

The Cowboys had three players in the top 10 with rookie quarterback Dak Prescott ranked eighth in player sales. Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was sixth with Packers QB Aaron Rodgers seventh. Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Panthers quarterback Cam Newton rounded out the top 10.

The top-selling player on New England’s Super Bowl opponent, the Falcons, was receiver Julio Jones at No. 31.


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