Jimmy Butler posts video to prove he’s taking phone calls

Jimmy Butler gave out his phone number Thursday, asking his critics to contact him directly.

As you can imagine, many people reported reaching a full mailbox when they called the number.

Butler captioned the video with, “taking all calls and y’all thought it was a game!”

The new Timberwolves guard told the fan, “I got a thousand FaceTimes to answer, but I appreciate you calling and I’ll see you soon.”

Will he answer if you call? Probably not — but it’s certainly worth a try.

His best move, by far, was hiring Adam Gase, who clearly was exactly what this team needed when they needed him. One huge move and one far more subtle one from a year earlier paid off big last season: Ndamukong Suh’s contract, and drafting Jay Ajayi in the fifth round. The Dolphins leaped ahead of their AFC East brethren for the honor of Patriots runner-up, which is no small thing.

As unlucky a GM as there was in the NFL last season, thanks to injuries, likely a big reason he survived while the Chargers changed head coaches. Anthony Lynn was a hot prospect, so winning that competition reflects well on Telesco. The foolishness over contracts (Eric Weddle, Joey Bosa) in recent years land in ownership’s lap. He hasn’t done anything egregious enough to demand his firing, so he’s got that going for him.lightning_081