Why the NFL will investigate the Seahawks for Richard Sherman’s unreported knee injury

The NFL will launch an investigation into the MCL injury Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman played through this season, according to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll described the injury as “significant,” but Sherman only appeared on Seattle’s injury report once in 2016 with an injury designation, and it wasn’t for a knee injury.

“I’m feeling like I screwed that up with not telling you that,” Carroll said Monday. “He was okay, so I don’t know, he never missed anything I guess is probably why (it wasn’t reported).”

The NFL rules on reporting injuries are clear and specific, and Sherman did miss practice time, though it was never connected to an MCL injury.

The league is investigating because it has clearly defined rules establishing how teams must report injury information on a weekly basis. The purpose of these rules is to keep things fair by ensuring that teams provide “credible, accurate, and specific” information on player injuries.

Instead of directly asking Obama to pick a winner for Super Bowl 50, King asked him to circle the winner on a piece of paper which was then sealed in an envelope. Obama’s choice was unintentionally caught on camera. He picked the Panthers, who lost to the Broncos with a final score of 24-10.

Trump will be inaugurated and will become the 45th president of the United States on Friday, Jan. 20.

In addition to accidentally leaking part of Tomlin’s speech, the video post was a violation of NFL rules, which don’t allow for any social media posts until 90 minutes after the game finishes.

Brown said he “didn’t have a clue about” the league rule, but he vowed he’d learn from what happened.

However, Brown wouldn’t promise that he’d stop posting videos entirely.

“I guess you gotta wait and see,” he said.

Tyreek Hill burned the Steelers secondary twice, but Alex Smith didn’t throw him the ball

Sunday’s 18-16 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers was a tough one to take for Kansas City Chiefs fans. Reviewing a couple of missed opportunities by quarterback Alex Smith that might have changed the outcome of the game probably isn’t going to make it easier.

On this play, Smith has an intact pocket, and Hill has a clean release downfield. Still, with a Steelers defender lumbering up the middle, Smith scrambles.

Hill is just absolutely gone. Considering his speed and the fact that there’s no Pittsburgh defender within several yards of him, if Smith stays with the play for just long enough to air it out to Hill, that’s seven more points on the board for Kansas City.

By Pro Football Focus standards, the Cowboys’ defensive line is awful. They haven’t given any player along the defensive line an above average grade. In fact, David Irving and Tyrone Crawford are the only guys with an average grade in the 70’s … They had 19 total sacks at the beginning of December. That’s a paltry average of only 1.7 sacks per game over the first 11 games of the season.
The bad news? It’s too late to fix it. They’re done.

The good news? There’s a ready-made fix already living in the Metroplex. His name is Jamie Oleksiak, and he plays for the Dallas Stars.

Jamieson Oleksiak, First of His Name, is a defenseman for the Dallas Stars. They took him 14th overall in the 2011 NHL entry draft. He hasn’t reached that potential yet, and might not. At 24 years old, he’s still a serviceable defenseman. But a career change might be best.

(You know who went 14th overall in the 2011 NFL draft? Noted pass rusher Robert Quinn. The Avalanche took a defenseman at 11th overall in the 2011 NHL draft. They could’ve had Oleksiak. You know who went 11th overall in the 2011 NFL draft? J.J. Watt. I rest my case.)

Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin carted off practice field with knee injury

Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin went down with a left knee injury during practice on Wednesday and was carted off the field, according to ESPN’s David Newton.

Benjamin was lined up against a Miami Dolphins cornerback in a joint practice between the two teams, but appeared to suffer the injury without contact, going down after he attempted to cut on a route. Jeff Zell of WCCB Charlotte caught video of the receiver going down and immediately grabbing his left knee.

After practice Benjamin was sent to Charlotte to undergo an MRI, although Panthers head coach Ron Rivera said the team is treating it as a knee sprain for now.

A first-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, Benjamin caught 73 passes for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns as a rookie. He declared for the NFL Draft after only two seasons at Florida State, racking up 15 touchdown receptions and All-American honors in his sophomore season.

Second-year receiver Corey Brown is the team’s other starting wide receiver and veterans like Ted Ginn Jr. and Jerricho Cotchery will battle to fill the void left by Benjamin while the team waits to find out the extent of his injury.

However, that pales in comparison to the 73 receptions for 1,008 yards and nine touchdowns that Benjamin accumulated as a rookie. Jerricho Cotchery, 33, caught 48 passes for the Panthers in 2014 and newly acquired Ted Ginn Jr. caught 26 passes for the Arizona Cardinals last season.

It takes time for players to acclimate to the NFL. Not every rookie can come in right away and make an immediate impact, even the ones who have the most hype surrounding them. Speaking of, we were treated to an extended montage of Jadeveon Clowney performing individual drills as he battles back from microfracture surgery. But, spoiler alert, more on him next week.

Wide receiver Amari Cooper could be for the Oakland Raiders what Odell Beckham Jr. was for the New York Giants last season

Here’s The Thing about First Take and its enourmous sucess. What they debate is inconsequental as much as how they debate it. Its like, even if Lincoln-Douglass had spent three days agruing over something stupid like whether Harriet Beecher Stowe is black enough we still would of remembered them both as superstars. Whats also great is that they dont keep score like they do on “Around the Horn.”

This means that the real winner of each days debate is- you guessed it- up for debate. Now people can argue about people arguing about sports and it turns out that people love it.

For the next two hours Skip and Stephen A would act as opposing legal minds in the debate over Geno Smith got punched in his jaw. After they cut to there first break I got some side-eyes from the production staff for applauding but you could tell Skip was happy to have a greatfull audence for a change. I was also thinking that if there would be anyplace in America that my ESPN phone would still work it would be in this very studio like when the UFO in Judgement day turned back on when it got all close to the mothership but that actualy didn’t happen.

Wide receiver Amari Cooper could be for the Oakland Raiders what Odell Beckham Jr. was for the New York Giants last season. Although Cooper may not have Beckham’s flash, he’s a technician who runs strong routes and has good hands. He’s the type of wide receiver who will quickly become second-year quarterback Derek Carr’s favorite target and give Oakland their first great wide receiver since Tim Brown.

When the New York Jets took defensive lineman Leonard Williams in the first round, I was one of the fools who was quick to pan the selection. With Muhammad Wilkerson and Sheldon Richardson already on the roster, the choice of Williams seemed like a luxury pick by a team needing to fill out a thin roster. Now with Richardson’s status up in the air and Wilkerson wanting a new contract, the choice is now looking brilliant.

Ask Clemson players to say whatever they want, and you’ll have fun. Bama’s all business

The media’s exchange with college football players is always about what we want the players to talk about. There is rarely an outlet for players to talk about what they want to talk about. So at National Championship media day, I did just that.

Clemson tight end D.J. Greenlee wants to talk about serious things at first. The typical “we’re here to win” stuff. With that out of the way, he’s ready to be funny.

Bell’s absence allowed Antonio Brown to shine, and the All-Pro receiver stepped up with 117- and 119-yard games in his two postseason appearances since 2013. He’s teamed with Roethlisberger and Bell for some prolific performances the past four seasons. On Sunday, he’ll have a dynamic running game to help prevent double-teams in the secondary. While the quantity of his targets may decrease with Bell earning more carries, the quality should increase significantly.

That backfield threat will be the extra gear the Steelers have needed in recent years. They’ve scored only 17 points per game during that 1-2 playoff stretch. While Roethlisberger (902 passing yards, an 87.7 passer rating) has been solid, it’s clear the team has missed Bell’s playmaking and ability to stretch defenses thin with aggressive runs both inside the tackles and out.

Pittsburgh is home to what may be the NFL’s hottest franchise, and the Steelers’ myriad ways to beat you on offense is punctuated by the presence of Roethlisberger, Brown, and Bell. For the first time ever, they’ll have the final piece of that puzzle available for the playoffs.

Using Baseball Prospectus’ Framing Runs Above Average

Josh Thole: R.A. Dickey’s personal catcher, Thole’s playing time was taken away late August when the Blue Jays traded for Dioner Navarro. While he posts good numbers in framing runs (14.4 since 2011), he had a horrible year offensively hitting .169/.254/.220. In his four years playing in the American League, Thole has slugged .248 over 473 plate appearances.

Not all of those arms are going to work out. Some will wind up in the bullpen, others will flame out entirely, or get hurt. A few might be traded, if it helps the team elsewhere. But the A’s currently have so much of both quantity and quality that it will be interesting just to follow along and see who emerges. Heck, before a regular season game has even been played, I’ll be fascinated just to learn how the rosters all shake out and who starts at each level.

So, after the A’s have chosen their Opening Day five, I’ll be keeping an eye on the minor league pitching lottery to see which numbers get called throughout the summer. I hope you’ll join me! Maybe we’ll make a Bingo card out of it or something.

Pitching is the key in baseball. It’s land, or gold, or oil, or energon cubes, or whatever symbol you want to use for value. The teams with the most pitching have the advantage, whether because they can build their own dominant staff or because they can trade the surplus for the other things they need.

For pitchers, there’s uh, well, oh wow look Chris Carter led the National League with 41 homers last year and he’s just out there waiting to be signed.

Chip Kelly fired after one season with the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers have decided to move on without head coach Chip Kelly, the team announced Sunday night. After just his first season in the Bay Area, his mostly losing season — finishing just better than the Browns — he didn’t deserve a second chance in the eyes of the team.

“I have informed Trent and Chip of my decision to pursue new leadership for our football team,” said team owner Jed York. “These types of conversations are never easy, especially when they involve people you respect personally and professionally.”

York added, “The performance of this team has not lived up to my expectations or those of our fans, and that is truly disappointing. We all expected to see this team progress and develop as the season went on, but unfortunately that did not happen. That is why now is the time to find a new direction for this team.”
Griffin led Cleveland to its first and only win of the season against the San Diego Chargers in Week 16. He threw for 164 yards, but left late with a concussion.

“I think the objective when I came back, with the broken shoulder, was to play and try to help my team to have a better chance to win games,” Griffin said. “It didn’t go as well the first go around.

”For that point, it’s just about getting better every day and getting better every game. When you look at it that way, not just myself, but I felt like our team got better every single week the past four games. I’m proud to be a part of this team. I’m proud I fight with these guys. My job was to get better and I think I did that.”